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Jesus as Stranger: Thanksgiving and St Luke

This is Neil here (as if the awkward title didn’t already make this painfully obvious). But this, for better or worse, will be my Thanksgiving post. Thanksgiving, of course, is a day when we receive and extend hospitality to family … Continue reading

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Long Distance Consecration

I have to admit this comes close to the unique hosts-in-a-baggie solution once devised by one of my fellow Kansas Citians. From Zenit’s weekly liturgy column comes the question: How far from the altar can the celebrant be for the … Continue reading

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Dollars for Presidents

Have you heard about it? Starting next year, a series of circulating “golden” dollar coins will begin, eventually featuring all US presidents. Mint director Edmund Moy gushes over them: “These designs are beautiful and so eye-catching that a lot of … Continue reading

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  The Mars Global Surveyor may be lost after ten years of studying the Fourth Planet. The image above is of clouds near the north polar ice cap.

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(National Lampoon’s?) Pro-Life Vacation

Bloggers, etc. are giving my newest senator some grief for going on vacation. It could be that my liturgical senses are clearing from the anti-cloning push that nearly took over Catholic liturgy in Missouri this Fall. But I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Sacrosanctum Concilium 63

Leading off, another plug for the virtue of the vernacular: Because of the use of the mother tongue in the administration of the sacraments and sacramentals can often be of considerable help to the people, this use is to be … Continue reading

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Sacrosanctum Concilium 62

This section is another introduction to a list of particular reforms the council bishops called for. See? Not everything was vague about Vatican II: With the passage of time, however, there have crept into the rites of the sacraments and … Continue reading

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