Would St Francis Be In PETA’s Dog House?

It was his idea, you know.

A Protestant Alaska pastor gets PETA’s attention for advertising a “Living Nativity.” Turns out there were only human actors: Joseph, Mary, and people dressed up in animal costumes. Baby Jesus was plastic. Untruth in advertising, said PETA.

Our animal-loving friends do have a point. Consider the sad/crazy experiences of other nativity animals:

* A donkey used in a Nativity scene in Harrisonburg, Va., was savagely beaten by three young men.
* A calf who was used in another
Kentucky church’s Nativity scene bolted and spent two days on the run.
* A camel named Ernie escaped from a
Maryland churchyard and was hit by a car and killed.
* In
Richmond, Va., dogs attacked animals in a Nativity scene, mauling two sheep and causing a terrified donkey to collide with a car after bolting into the street. All three animals were euthanized.

The only mishap I’ve seen in connection with a nativity scene was at a Christmas Eve Mass. My friend Tom, a newly ordained priest, conked Joseph in the head with the thurible. We took a photograph of the figure with a bandage on his head–insurance purposes, don’t you know. One of the people on the liturgy committee was a hospital nurse, so she drew up a $16,000 medical bill and left it on the priest’s desk.

And by the way, don’t these people know it’s not even Advent yet?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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6 Responses to Would St Francis Be In PETA’s Dog House?

  1. Liam says:

    Ahh, PETA: ready, fire, aim. As always.

    People Eating Tasty Animals.

  2. Which is too bad, because there are moral issues of stewardship and care involved with the treatment of animals.

  3. kiwinomad06 says:

    I visited a friend once who was staying in a larg-ish house. There were some animal activists in the same place. Strangely, these people never seemed to see it as their job to feed the pet rabbits that were on the property.

  4. Liam says:

    Those were not “pets”, don’tcha know? Pet=enslaved, of course. The fact that many species of domesticated animals would simply go extinct if left to their own devices is irrelevant to such people.

  5. kiwinomad06:

    They must have been libertarian animal activists, taking a laissez-faire approach: the rabbits were responsible for themselves.

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