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Praying for Our Enemies

The Orthodoxy Today website has an interesting commentary by the Orthodox priest Fr Stylianos Muksuris. He reminds us of something that might seem obvious but is too easily forgotten: “The Christians at prayer in Rome, North Africa, and Byzantium experienced … Continue reading

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Sacrosanctum Concilium 77

Vatican II did have something to say about the wedding liturgy: The marriage rite now found in the Roman Ritual is to be revised and enriched in such a way that the grace of the sacrament is more clearly signified … Continue reading

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Reactions, Once Removed

I’m a bit surprised at the tone taken at open book. I do think that anybody can stake a position against recent editorials criticizing the bishops for their stands on sexuality. In turn, there is nothing wrong with poking holes … Continue reading

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Casting a Shadow

This could be Kansas City, but it’s not. Cassini catches some Saturnian clouds and the shadows they cast on lower cloud levels on the planet. Snow day for the area children today, as yesterday’s freezing rain made driving dangerous. In … Continue reading

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Pope Thomas John Paul

Right here from my very own diocese, a boy who has serious ecclesiastical aspirations. But portraying Jesus preaching to his disciples and the people is his favorite pastime, she said. His favorite story about Jesus, which she said he will … Continue reading

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More Than About Where To Live

From the NCR, via the Catholic News Hub, a tale of a priest who left Roman Catholicism for schism, then found his bishop ready to reconcile: (A)t age 52, (Father Ray McHenry) found himself in a failed relationship, with no … Continue reading

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Sacrosanctum Concilium 76

Vatican II treats the liturgical details of ordination: Both the ceremonies and texts of the ordination rites are to be revised. The address given by the bishop at the beginning of each ordination or consecration may be in the mother … Continue reading

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Sacrosanctum Concilium 75

Continuing with Vatican II on anointing of the sick: The number of the anointings is to be adapted to the occasion, and the prayers which belong to the rite of anointing are to be revised so as to correspond with … Continue reading

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