Pope Thomas John Paul

Right here from my very own diocese, a boy who has serious ecclesiastical aspirations.

But portraying Jesus preaching to his disciples and the people is his favorite pastime, she said. His favorite story about Jesus, which she said he will recite at the drop of a hat, is the story of the Resurrection.

“After he rose up in the middle of the night, he walked into a kitchen and requested something to eat. He ate fish,” Tommy assured his listeners.

Tommy, garbed in his vestments and wearing a construction paper and cardboard miter over a skullcap cut from sister Hailey’s ski mask on his head, visited the kindergarten at Our Lady of Angels School on Oct. 25. He assisted Jesuit Father Glenn Mueller, associate at Guardian Angel Parish, in telling the smaller children about a priest’s vestments, his chalice or cup and ciborium, and the other vessels he uses at Mass. He and Father Mueller explained how the bells are rung at the consecration, and what a monstrance is used for.

I like this kid. His liturgical music tastes need some development. When he brings the Vatican to Kansas City, as he hopes to do, I’ll probably be too old to be his Marini. The blogosphere thus breathes a sigh of relief.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to Pope Thomas John Paul

  1. Gavin says:

    What’s wrong with his liturgical music tastes?

    Actually, when I was 6 or so I would play Mass in the living room. I think I did the rubrics better than most American priests :P

  2. Anne says:

    I used to pretend, in the 50’s, I was a priest celebrating mass. In Latin! My younger sister was my altar server…..we were way ahead of our time…girls just wanna have fun!

  3. Gavin says:

    OOH yes, didn’t catch that! That’s one of my main peeves, although my boss doesn’t agree. I just don’t mention when patriotic days come up and he usually forgets.

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