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Football and Hockey and Football

Another weekend of the football faithful wearing red proudly in the Heartland. Along with the Chiefs win today, three other results had to line up just right for the local team to make the playoffs. And they did. With fortune … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Songs on January 1

What do you think, my friends? How much Marian music do you program tomorrow? How much Christmas music? Is anybody still putting in a plug for world peace?

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Orientalium Ecclesiarum 3

These individual Churches, whether of the East or the West, although they differ somewhat among themselves in rite (to use the current phrase), that is, in liturgy, ecclesiastical discipline, and spiritual heritage, are, nevertheless, each as much as the others, … Continue reading

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Has AED Come to Your Parish?

We set up ours about two years ago. No need to use it just yet, but Catholic News Hub reports on a Wisconsin parish that used it to save a life. Just as he does every Saturday, John Fazer went … Continue reading

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Saturn in 2006

  On the Cassini site this week, a series of movies, moon maps, 3-D images (where are those glasses?) and other astronomical goodies. While browsing in a bookstore yesterday, I saw this coffee table volume with extremely beautiful pictures. What’s … Continue reading

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Orientalium Ecclesiarum 2

We begin the main body of Orientalium Ecclesiarum with a first section entitled, “The Individual Churches or Rites.” The Holy Catholic Church, which is the Mystical Body of Christ, is made up of the faithful who are organically united in … Continue reading

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Orientalium Ecclesiarum 1: Preamble

Let’s start our examination of the Decree on Eastern Rite Catholic Churches, Orientalium Ecclesiarum. This document was promulgated near the end of Vatican II’s third session, 21 November 1964. Let’s keep in mind we are not dealing with Orthodox Christianity … Continue reading

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