Archive Update

Neil’s and my commentary on two more Vatican documents, Nostra Aetate and Dignitatis Humanae, are fully incorporated into the topics sidebar. By the time we finish our look at Vatican II, it might be nearly time to do it all over again.

When we finish up with Sacrosanctum Concilium in another week or two, it will be time to turn to ecumenical issues, Eastern Rite Catholics, missionary activity, education, or social communications. Any favorites among these we should try first?

I’ve added unique image clips for each of these older series on Vatican II. St Louis University had a nice graphic for a conference on Nostra Aetate. By the time I had the clip up on all the posts, I realized it was the gateway arch. Hicks’ Peaceable Kingdom marks the posts on religious freedom.

I invite new readers to have a look at the Vatican II topics. If you’re not up on all the Latin titles, just click on any Latin phrase you see, and it’s probably Vatican II.

Last week Neil shared with me his hope for more scholarly and spiritual sites in Catholic blogdom, and his wish that our blog align more to that ideal. I can’t disagree. As I review the posts as they are retitled and categorized, there are some I find I wish I hadn’t written or had written differently. Reading one’s own writing does give me a much clearer perspective on the”voice” of Catholic Sensibility. While there are silly to weak arguments out there against religion, against Catholicism, and against the ideals of Vatican II, there are superior ways of addressing these, and ways that fall far short of the ideal. I find I’ve indulged the latter too often.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to Archive Update

  1. Jimmy Mac says:

    Eastern Rite Catholics, please …. the forgotten children of the Church.

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