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Sacrosanctum Concilium 115

Let’s train for church music today!  Great importance is to be attached to the teaching and practice of music in seminaries, in the novitiates and houses of study of religious of both sexes, and also in other Catholic institutions and … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Rose Vestments

What do you think of rose-colored vestments? Did your priests wear them well this past weekend? Our V-G has a nice dusky rose, a shade darker than the Holy Father’s, but with gray banding of five or six different shades … Continue reading

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Musical Style II: I Heard the Voice of Jesus Sing

Many non-musicians and a few musicians are under the presumption that the composer or source determines the style of music. This is not necessarily true when other people play the music. Take the hymn, “I Heard the Voice of Jesus … Continue reading

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Advent and Repentance

(This is Neil). In last week’s Gospel, we heard about John the Baptist’s proclamation of “a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins” (Lk 3:3). John tells the crowds that they must manfest “good fruits as evidence of your … Continue reading

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Sacrosanctum Concilium 114

There is more than the preservation aspect of church music, according to the council bishops: The treasure of sacred music is to be preserved and fostered with great care. Choirs must be diligently promoted, especially in cathedral churches; but bishops … Continue reading

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