The Slippery Slope of Popularity

The wordpress Catholic Sensibility reached a new high of 589 visits a week ago today. But I see you readers have given us six consecutive days of reduced views. Good for you. You show yourself to be people of moderation and perspective as the feast of the Nativity has approached and better things beckon.

I’ve continued to archive the old blogger posts. (It was nice of wordpress to let us download everything, but the entries needed to be retitled and categorized for your reference.) Christus Dominus, the decree on bishops, was examined in the summer of ’05, and is now completely archived.

I confess certain feelings as I’ve gone back to Neil’s and my posts. I wince at certain things I’ve written. I’ve only corrected the occasional fingerfehler, though I’ve been tempted to delete certain posts. It feels like listening or watching tapes of myself playing music or preaching. Since I’m far more of an accomplished musician, more of the latter. But anyway, the wordpress site contains every attempt at competence as well as swings and misses. For better or worse.

I’m pleased at our significant posting on the documents of Vatican II: about 20% of the posts, or 425 entries. Neil’s 300-plus contributions on ecumenism, spirituality, scholarship, and quotes and links from many important religious persons of our day and of history have enriched this site as well.

I’m grateful for the perspective of going back to read old posts. It confirms in my mind that Neil’s urging to craft a blog more scholarly and more spiritual is a good urge. Rather than set up Catholic Sensibility as a progressive alternative to the countless conservative Catholic sites is, in the end, a fruitless endeavor. Even if it does generate traffic.

The onset of a new calendar year is traditionally a time for personal resolutions. Presumably, hard things to make one’s life better. I’m thinking of doing less surfing and more serious writing on my own blog. I also have some projects in my non-church and non-blog lives. I don’t anticipate less frequent blog activity here, but likely far less contribution to other people’s site meters.

I’m always happy to take questions, if you care to e-mail me or ask something in a comment box.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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