Football and Hockey and Football

Another weekend of the football faithful wearing red proudly in the Heartland. Along with the Chiefs win today, three other results had to line up just right for the local team to make the playoffs. And they did.

With fortune like this, maybe we’ll get the Penguins to play here, too.

With a nod and a yawn to the major college bowl system, let me repeat my suggestion for Division I-A college football:

– Move all bowl games to August, with eligilibity based on a winning record the previous year, and academic standards met.

– Roll back the 12-game regular season to 11, and limit each team to six home games in the regular season.

– Institute a 16-team playoff, just like what Appalachian State won to be the only NCAA Division I football champion this year.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Football and Hockey and Football

  1. Tom says:

    …I, for one, am glad you did not get the Pens… I think KC would be a great hockey town, but not at the expense of my childhood memories… It would have made some awkward holes on my “Homage to Pittsburgh Sprots” shelf.

  2. Todd says:

    I agree, Tom. As I’ve posted here before, I think a better, more fair method of determining major league status in hockey and other sports would be to institute the promotion/relegation system. Problems, obviously because a major league owner of a last-place team would never permit that team to be sent to the minors. Plus the whole farm system would have to be sacked.

    Ideally, though, KC would get a team not through the misfortune of Pittsburgh or Nashville, but for having a team that won the AHL championship. After it had won the lower league’s championship, etc..

    On that score, it would be good to see non-NHL teams compete for the Stanley Cup, via a series of earlier knock-out rounds before playing the NHL bottom-dwellers, and on up to the top.

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