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Unitatis Redintegratio 19

So now we come to Vatican II’s consideration of “Separated Churches and Ecclesial Communities in the West,” subheading II of Chapter III. First another brief history lesson: In the great upheaval which began in the West toward the end of … Continue reading

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Unitatis Redintegratio 18

Taking a break from our discussion on discernment, we read in UR 18 the council’s final thoughts on East-West ecumenism: After taking all these factors into consideration, this Sacred Council solemnly repeats the declaration of previous Councils and Roman Pontiffs, … Continue reading

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Discerning the Discerners

Tony brings up a point many parishioners might offer. People in a ministry of discernment (and lots of others, for their own respective fields) might hear: “My question is what qualifies you to supernaturally determine what gifts God has given … Continue reading

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Ashes From Palms

Received a few days ago by e-mail. I’ll tell you what I’ve done, but I’ll also confess I’ve never quite been able to match the smudge quality of the church supply sources: This year our liturgy committee has decided to … Continue reading

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Discernment and Trust

Since the topic of discernment seems to almost rival “Euro-pride” this week, let’s keep hitting on that theme. In continuing to follow the blogosphere’s ongoing tussles over Intentional Disciples, I’d like to offer a quick reflection on the quality of … Continue reading

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My Little Speller

The school spelling bee was today. I knew most of the kids in it, including my own daughter. I’ll tell you it’s hard to sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut for it. I found myself rooting for … Continue reading

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Unitatis Redintegratio 17

Today’s theme: complementary, not conflicting: What has just been said about the lawful variety that can exist in the Church must also be taken to apply to the differences in theological expression of doctrine. In the study of revelation East … Continue reading

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