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I had heard of the show on its original 2002 run on Fox, but I never tuned in. I’m not sure I should’ve, as my tv wasn’t hooked up to a Nielsen box. From what I read, the network really … Continue reading

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What You Can Sing With

Or I could title it “A quick primer on metrical index.” Katherine’s recent question surfaced some humorous thoughts, but a bit of introduction before I get to them. If your parish has a hymnal, you can page to the back and find … Continue reading

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Here Comes a Comet

Comet McNaught could be a sight for earthlings. Or it could be a bust. Comet visibility remains unpredictable fare amongst astronomers. After the disappointment of supposedly spectacular comets of the mid-70’s, scientists have become extremely cautious in comet forecasts. Space.com’s … Continue reading

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Orientalium Ecclesiarum 11

The establishment of new patriarchates is limited to an ecumenical council or to the pope: Seeing that the patriarchal office in the Eastern Church is a traditional form of government, the Sacred Ecumenical Council ardently desires that new patriarchates should … Continue reading

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Orientalium Ecclesiarum 10

What goes for partiarchs, goes for major archbishops, too: What has been said of patriarchs is valid also, in harmony with the canon law, in respect to major archbishops, who rule the whole of some individual church or rite.(Cfr. Synodum … Continue reading

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Why Traditional Pro-Life Efforts Fail

You can observe it in miniature. If you have the stomach for it. Amy’s posse is having their own celebration for the Speaker. I wonder why it wasn’t on Rep. Pelosi’s Big Agenda for the week. Morning’s Minion is holding … Continue reading

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John Wesley on Salvation

(This is a very busy Neil). The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will occur this year from January 18 to January 25. The theme is, “They were astounded beyond measure, saying, ‘He has done everything well; he even makes … Continue reading

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