I had heard of the show on its original 2002 run on Fox, but I never tuned in. I’m not sure I should’ve, as my tv wasn’t hooked up to a Nielsen box. From what I read, the network really messed up both the presentation of the shows. Plus they cancelled it. Another good reason to bypass network tv entirely and go straight to disc.

Anita got me the box set for Christmas, and I’ve been enjoying the episodes since then. Enjoying them a lot. I tried to explain it to a friend who also doesn’t like tv but does like science fiction. The show’s creator said the opening credits shot where the spaceship buzzes a herd of wild horses sums up in four seconds what the show’s about.

I can’t quite get around the illogic of transporting cattle from one planet to another by spaceship. (It would cost NASA about $1M to send an average horse up in the space shuttle.) Maybe by the year 2517, they’ll have it figured out. More likely, they’ll have gene sequences of horses on every planet, so if you want new ones, just add a drop of water or something and watch it grow.

Meanwhile, I can enjoy otherwise great writing, good acting, and a character-driven drama with lots of funny moments. For another five episodes. Then I’ll have to hit the library to find more good sf.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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