Why Traditional Pro-Life Efforts Fail

You can observe it in miniature. If you have the stomach for it.

Amy’s posse is having their own celebration for the Speaker. I wonder why it wasn’t on Rep. Pelosi’s Big Agenda for the week. Morning’s Minion is holding the mirror to the ugly face of St Blog’s–and for that he has my admiration. I confess I have other things to do today.

The internet has created a particularly emboldened form of Catholic. I don’t know what they’re like in their life away from the computer, but how much chit-chat at parish coffee & donuts is peppered with gracious bits like “that phony, squinty-eyed smile,” or “What. An. A*****e,” or “she’ll make the trains run on time, too,” or “Partial-Birth Abortion Drinan” or other pieces.

First observation is that the Republican Catholics are whining a whole lot more than the liberals were when Benedict XVI was elected. Now they look for things to whine about with him, too, so maybe it’s become something of an addiction.

I used to think Amy was a sharp, literary presence in St Blog’s. Refreshing, in other words. I don’t know why she chooses to mimic the smarmy, out-of-touch Mark Shea so much. At least Mark will lambaste his commentariat when he disagrees with them. It’s sad to see open book turning into a sort of a child care room with sharp objects, a table full of splattery food, and a caregiver who actually encourages misbehavior.

If pro-abortion/pro-choice folks actually found this thread, I dread the glee they would feel. The posse there can’t even close ranks with other pro-lifers if there’s the slightest hint of moving off point of a Republican agenda. Yet I suppose America’s tens of thousands of “orthodox” Catholics still believe they can single-handedly mount a legal challenge to abortion, eliminate it to their satisfaction, and toast the victory on the ruins of women’s clinics all over the land.

Naturall, let’s bypass the thought of “See how those Christians love one another,” because shrill insults and self-congratulatory shrieks will accomplish (with more fun, no doubt) what charity and love cannot.

This is a classic case in point why a totally overhauled approach to ending abortion is needed.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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