Orientalium Ecclesiarum 14

This section continues the discussion on the valid and licit ministers of confirmation:

All Eastern Rite priests, either in conjunction with Baptism or separately from it, can confer this sacrament validly on all the faithful of any rite including the Latin; licitly, however, only if the regulations both of the common and the particular law are observed.(Cfr. S.C.S. Officii, Instr. (ad Ep. Scepusien.), an. 1783; S.C. de Prop. Fide (pro Coptis), 15 mart. 1790, n. XIII; Decr. 6 oct. 1863, C, a; S.C. pro Eccl. Orient. 1 maii 1948; S.C.S. Officii, resp. 22 apr. 1896 cum litt. 19 maii 1896.) Priests, also, of Latin Rite, in accordance with the faculties they enjoy in respect of the administration of this sacrament, validly administer it also to the faithful of Eastern Churches; without prejudice to the rite, observing in regard to licitness the regulations both of the common and of the particular law.(CIC, can. 782, 4; S.C. pra Eccl. Orient., Decretum . de Sacramento Confirmationis administrando etiam fidelibus orientalibus a presbyteris latini ritus, qui hoc indulto gaudeant pro fidelibus sui ritus, 1 maii 1948.)

The canon law citation is from the 1917 edition, I believe. Today, parish priests routinely confirm non-Catholic Christians who enter into full communion. When unbaptized people become Catholic, it is the ordinary practice for them to be baptized and confirmed by the parish priest.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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