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Samson Didn’t Take Out These Pillars

A supernova did. Remember the “Pillars of Creation” imaged in the Eagle Nebula by the Hubble Space Telescope in 1995? (That’s the magnified overlay below.) Sorry to inform you, but they’re likely gone. This new image from the Spitzer Space … Continue reading

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Weather Report for 51 Peg A

Hot and breezy. High in the mid-nineties … the 1690’s, that is. Winds gusting to 9000 mph. Not a good day for sailing. Interesting stuff on extra-solar planets from Space.com. Painting from NASA/JPL/Caltech.

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Orientalium Ecclesiarum 19

Our next five sections deal with “Divine Worship.” We start off with what seems to be a curiously-worded regulation on feast days: It belongs only to an ecumenical council or to the Apostolic See to determine, transfer or suppress feast … Continue reading

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Orientalium Ecclesiarum 18

As long as we’re on the topic of sacraments, here’s what Vatican II had to say about marriages between Orthodox and Catholic Easterners: To obviate invalid marriages when Eastern Catholics marry baptized Eastern non-Catholics and in order to promote fidelity … Continue reading

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Excluding Participatio in the 1962 Rite?

Gavin asks an important question below: (D)o you think that the Pian Mass excludes the Participatio demanded by the council? And what would have to change in it for that to be possible? From what I hear, people worshipping with … Continue reading

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“Go Forth From the Land of Your Kinsfolk”

I would like to share the monthly Bible meditation from TaizĂ©. We are asked to meditate on Genesis 12:1-4. In these verses, we read that God called the aged Abraham to travel from Haran, but also promised that from him … Continue reading

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