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No Free Kick

I remember seeing a few of the world’s great soccer players when they came here to play my beloved Lancers of the 70’s. There was a price to see Pele, George Best, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia and the others play. First, Rochester … Continue reading

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Orientalium Ecclesiarum 25

How does the Church view incoming folks from Eastern Orthodoxy? If any separated Eastern Christian should, under the guidance of the grace of the Holy Spirit, join himself to the unity of Catholics, no more should be required of him … Continue reading

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No Sour Milk Here

I’m glad I wasn’t at the Catholic Academy of Liturgy proceedings in the Great White North last week. I’ve tried to avoid the countless bloggers who’ve virtually scrambled over themselves to get text on Bishop Trautman’s address. Naturally, if the … Continue reading

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Orientalium Ecclesiarum 24

Leaving liturgy behind us, we come to a treatment of “Relations with the (Believers) of the Separated Churches.” Unity may be of even more vital interest to Eastern Christians, as their liturgy, languages,  struggles with the culture, and other aspects … Continue reading

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