Comet McNaught


You can watch the comet in the early morning before dawn and just after sunset. This image on the left is from the SOHO probe that monitors the sun. You can see the “movie” from the space probe here.

If you can read a star chart, you can find Comet McNaught either in the morning or evening. If not, don’t worry, just look a bit up and over from the horizon from where the sun will come up or has just set. The evening location is to the right of the bright planet Venus and a bit closer to the horizon.

Some amateur astronomers have posted photos here.  Over on the right is an image taken last week by Haakon Dahle in Norway.

The picture was taken 06h40m UT, shortly after the comet rose above the local horizon. The comet was then 3 degrees above (and the sun 10 degrees below) the true horizon. The comet was visible to the naked eye, and the tail was a beautiful sight in binoculars.

We’ve been heavily sleeted here in KC this weekend, and I’ve honestly had other things on my mind this past week. Hopefully the skies will clear and I’ll get a good look tomorrow.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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