Unitatis Redintegratio 10

Christendom’s observance for unity concluded yesterday, but we’re not quite halfway through Vatican II’s Decree on Ecumenism. If this next bit is in print, then there’s a recognition that historical fact has sometimes taken a back seat to more heated passions between Christians in the West:

Sacred theology and other branches of knowledge, especially of an historical nature, must be taught with due regard for the ecumenical point of view, so that they may correspond more exactly with the facts.

Seminary education on these points is vital:

It is most important that future shepherds and priests should have mastered a theology that has been carefully worked out in this way and not polemically, especially with regard to those aspects which concern the relations of separated (sisters and brothers) with the Catholic Church.

… because they set the example for the laity and are responsible for formation:

This importance is the greater because the instruction and spiritual formation of the faithful and of religious depends so largely on the formation which their priests have received.

On relations with other Christians in mission efforts:

Moreover, Catholics engaged in missionary work in the same territories as other Christians ought to know, particularly in these times, the problems and the benefits in their apostolate which derive from the ecumenical movement.

The overall thrust seems to encourage having factual knowledge, and being prepared for both discussions and problems. It would work the same in today’s blogosphere.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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