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Inter Mirifica 5

Pardon the interruption of the past few days. We return to a look at the Vatican II decree on the media of social communications: It is, however, especially necessary that all parties concerned should adopt for themselves a proper moral … Continue reading

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John Wesley on Grace

(This is Neil.) An earlier post, titled “John Wesley on Salvation,” is here. There I noted: Regarding ecumenism, John Allen wrote last year, “perhaps one does have to be just slightly dreamy to cling to the vision of full, structural … Continue reading

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Inter Mirifica 4

For the proper use of these media it is most necessary that all who employ them be acquainted with the norms of morality and conscientiously put them into practice in this area. They must look, then, to the nature of … Continue reading

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Poll: Contraception or Liturgy?

As the loyal readers, what would you prefer as a series: liturgy documents after the council or Humanae Vitae?

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Peace, Guns, Memories

Christian peacemakers visit Iran, and suggest the Bush administration lacks the tools to conduct an effective diplomacy. I’m not arguing against it.   I’m not sure Bush even has the tools to conduct intelligence. Why was it so relatively easy … Continue reading

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Inter Mirifica 3

After the introduction, we head into Chapter I, titled, “On the Teaching of the Church.” The Catholic Church, since it was founded by Christ our Lord to bear salvation to all (people) and thus is obliged to preach the Gospel, … Continue reading

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Inter Mirifica 2

Modern methods of communication can be of great benefit, and of great harm when misused. This is nothing new. The Church recognizes that these media, if properly utilized, can be of great service to (humankind), since they greatly contribute to … Continue reading

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Inter Mirifica 1

Often overlooked with the promulgation of its big sister Sacrosanctum Concilium, Inter Mirifica, was actually the first council document promulgated, along with SC, at the end of the council’s second session in December 1963. The DECREE ON THE MEDIA OF … Continue reading

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Purity of Heart

Most parishes in my diocese heard homilies more or less directed to the virtue of purity of heart, my own included. Our VG and pastor did a commendable job in preaching this weekend. A Catholic Key feature on Bishop Finn … Continue reading

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Jim Zumbo, Heretic

  H This parable of outdoorsman and hunter Jim Zumbo demonstrates quite aptly the same pathological zeal we see in some of the pro-life movement–the over-seriousness of certain folks who tend to label allies as heretics if they don’t adopt … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Reverence

The current “Life in Christ” column by Fr John Breck is titled “Reverence.” It is, I think, a difficult thing to discuss the meaning of reverence. We must speak of specific times and places of reverence or else our discussion … Continue reading

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Soaring Over Saturn, South

Soaring’s not the accurate term, really. That would imply air or some other medium. If we were at Saturn, crammed inside the Cassini spacecraft, it might seem that we were adrift. Space is a big place, and it would take … Continue reading

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Perfectae Caritatis 25

Wrapping up Perfectae Caritatis, the council bishops give their usual end-of-document pep talk. Let’s listen in, then add your own peppy comments in the boxes on this or any other aspect of religious life post-Vatican II. Religious institutes, for whom … Continue reading

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Future Series on Church Documents

With only two documents to go in the Vatican II series, I’ve been giving some thought to what’s next. Liturgy is always a favorite topic, and is bound to get the blood stirring if the soul languishes somehow. I’m leaning … Continue reading

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Perfectae Caritatis 24

In the post-WWII decline of vocations, how much encouragement of young people to seek religious life happens? Priests seem to have a significant responsibility, not just encouraging non-clerical vocations, but regularly preaching and teaching on the “religious state.” Priests and … Continue reading

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