Gravissimum Educationis 4

Scriptorium4. Various Aids to Christian Education

In fulfilling its educational role, the Church, eager to employ all suitable aids, is concerned especially about those which are her very own. Foremost among these is catechetical instruction,(Cf. Pius XI’s motu proprio. Orbem Catholicum, June 29 1923: A.A.S. 15 (1923) pp. 327-329; decree, Provide Sane, Jan. 12, 1935: A.A.S. 27 (1935) pp. 145-152. Second Vatican Council’s Decree on Bishops and Pastoral Duties, nos. 13 and 14.) which enlightens and strengthens the faith, nourishes life according to the spirit of Christ, leads to intelligent and active participation in the liturgical mystery(Cf. Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, no. 14: A.A.S. 56 (1964) p. 104.) and gives motivation for apostolic activity.

I love it when active participation is mentioned. Notice the other adjective, “intelligent.” Notice also that liturgical life is mentioned after faith and after life in the spirit of Christ. Liturgy is important, but on earth, it serves as a means to the end of faith and an active life imbued with the Spirit.

The Church esteems highly and seeks to penetrate and ennoble with her own spirit also other aids which belong to the general heritage of (humankind) and which are of great influence in forming souls and molding (people), such as the media of communication,(Cf. Second Vatican Council’s Decree on Communications Media, nos. 13 and 14: A.A.S. 56 (1964) p. 149 ff.) various groups for mental and physical development, youth associations, and, in particular, schools.

This is a good summary of the Church’s sensible and open approach to human sciences, disciplines, and traditions. We make use of things we did not invent, and infuse these items with our own spirit, hopefully something of Christ. Catholic blogs, I suppose, would be on the spot for this. What of God do we infuse into our writings on the internet? Or do we just parrot what we admire of other human efforts without regard for that “penetration” and “ennobling” of the values of God?


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