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Gravissimum Educationis 10

10. Catholic Colleges and Universities The Church is concerned also with schools of a higher level, especially colleges and universities. And so, the council bishops turn their gaze to higher education, Catholic style. In those schools dependent on her she … Continue reading

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The History and Future of Hymns

(Neil, again.) I’ve posted about Charles Wesley’s hymns here. This December will mark the tercentenary of Charles Wesley’s birth, and Stephen Plant of Wesley House, Cambridge, asks in this week’s “Credo” column in the Times whether the era of congregational … Continue reading

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Remembering Aidan Kavanagh

(This is Neil.) I’m happy to see that my post on discipleship as a craft has gotten some undeserved attention (see this very interesting thread at Intentional Disciples and Todd’s post below). After rereading my post, I’d like to clarify … Continue reading

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