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The Last Five Nineteenth Century States

… are featured on this year’s State Quarter series from the US Mint. The coins top to bottom here are in order of release. The tradition has been to issue the coins in the same order as they were admitted … Continue reading

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Perfectae Caritatis 5

Moving from the consideration of “institutes” and to the individual members of religious communities, we read: Members of each institute should recall first of all that by professing the evangelical counsels they responded to a divine call so that by … Continue reading

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What is a Religious Community?

(This is Neil.) Remember to keep Todd in your prayers. I’m not sure if I will be able to increase the frequency of my posting, or, to be honest, if that would be a good thing. But today I have … Continue reading

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Gratitude & Sites Unseen

I will confess two things today. First, I’m gratified at receiving St Blog nominations in several categories. This, despite my being rather dismissive of the whole process. I’m thankful for a loyal readership that nominated me. Second, I always find … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Valentine or the Slavic Apostles?

At 6:15 Mass this morning, the VG started liturgy with a comment on presents given and received today, then added the line, “Will you be my Cyril and Methodius?” Nobody laughed. How would you handle the lack of a Valentine … Continue reading

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Perfectae Caritatis 4

PC 4 turns to some practical thoughts: An effective renewal and adaptation demands the cooperation of all the members of the institute. However, to establish the norms of adaptation and renewal, to embody it in legislation as well as to … Continue reading

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