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Crisis on Kansas City-St Joseph

The survey of US dioceses has hit print, courtesy of Crisis. Rock seems to think well of it. Sherry has issues, pretty much the same as mine. But I was interested to see how Kansas City-St Joseph fared. First, they … Continue reading

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Perfectae Caritatis 7

Contemplative orders get some notice in section 7: Communities which are entirely dedicated to contemplation, so that their members in solitude and silence, with constant prayer and penance willingly undertaken, occupy themselves with God alone, retain at all times, no … Continue reading

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Targeting Men

They do it in Baltimore. This CNS news short features the Northeast Catholic Brotherhood that has tried to inspire church and community involvement among men, especially younger men. Paul Gerhardt tells it: We’re a pretty informal group, but we’re serious … Continue reading

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Perfectae Caritatis 6

We continue examining Vatican II’s decree on the renewal of religious life, still uncommented-upon by our commentariat: Let those who make profession of the evangelical counsels seek and love above all else God who has first loved us (cf. 1 … Continue reading

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Diana’s Blog

Especially if you’re interested in a wealth of liturgical material, minus the astronomy and bragging on the daughter, check out Diana Macalintal’s Work of the People. It’s a good site, lots of worthy, usable material. Recently, she wrote about the … Continue reading

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Eyes Opened By Science

Some Catholics wonder why I post as much about science as I do, especially extraterrestrial science. Unlike Thomas Dolby’s cool 80’s song, I’ve found that the experience of nature is often one of profound beauty that can easily open one’s … Continue reading

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