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What are the Laity for?

(This is Neil.)  Please keep the Anglican Communion in your prayers. I would like to reflect on the concept of the laity with a paper by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, originally delivered at a 1998 conference meant to foster … Continue reading

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Perfectae Caritatis 16

The different treatment of women religious has been a sore spot for many since the Council. Arrangements and penalties were applied in the past to protect the chastity and reputation of women. Even in the 60’s, there was recognition from … Continue reading

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New Horizons at Jupiter

On its way to Pluto, the New Horizons probe will pass Jupiter to alter its course toward its final target, as well as pick up some speed to get there by 2015. The science teams are taking advantage of the … Continue reading

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Global Warming Side Effects

This is another interesting piece from LiveScience.com. Would you imagine these to be the effects of warmer climates around the world? Before you click the link, test yourself and ask if you think any of these are caused by warmer … Continue reading

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19th Century Contraception

Humanae Vitae proponents, saddened at the widespread bypass Catholics seem to be making around the Church ban on contraception, seem fond of blaming the 60’s and the Pill. But the American tendency to limit family size while enjoying sexual intercourse … Continue reading

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Perfectae Caritatis 15

Communal life is today’s topic: Common life, fashioned on the model of the early Church where the body of believers was united in heart and soul (cf. Acts 4:32), and given new force by the teaching of the Gospel, the … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Ash Wednesday’s Penitential Rite

Tomorrow’s liturgy doesn’t call for one till after the homily. Do you go on auto-pilot like most clergy do? Do you remind the priest to skip the Lord Have Mercy right to the opening prayer? Does it matter?

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