Perfectae Caritatis 20

Be ready for change, if this seems called for, the council bishops write:

Religious communities should continue to maintain and fulfill the ministries proper to them. In addition, after considering the needs of the Universal Church and individual dioceses, they should adapt them to the requirements of time and place, employing appropriate and even new programs and abandoning those works which today are less relevant to the spirit and authentic nature of the community.

This “missionary spirit,” which I would interpret as a broader openness to evangelization, will be explored in another decree. But it is good to see it here, involving religious men and women in the spread of the gospel, which is one of the highest priorities of the Church.

The missionary spirit must under all circumstances be preserved in religious communities. It should be adapted, accordingly, as the nature of each community permits, to modern conditions so that the preaching of the Gospel may be carried out more effectively in every nation.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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