Purity of Heart

Most parishes in my diocese heard homilies more or less directed to the virtue of purity of heart, my own included. Our VG and pastor did a commendable job in preaching this weekend. A Catholic Key feature on Bishop Finn includes this quote:

(Bishop Finn) cautioned, however, against “reading too much” into the fact that his first pastoral focused on pornography, or that the entire focus is on the sin of pornography.

In fact, he said, the pastoral letter is part of a theme of his episcopacy to uphold human dignity, to reconcile people to God and to build holiness within the people of God.

“Pornography is a symptom of the loss of the dignity of the human person,” he told The Key. “It is a mortal sin to look at pictures of other persons with the idea to give yourself sexual gratification. That is a serious misuse of our sexuality.”

For some reason, I haven’t been able to get my hands or eyes on a copy of Bishop Finn’s pastoral letter. Our parish subscribes to hundreds of copies of the diocesan paper, which includes this letter as an insert, but nothing came in our mail Friday or yesterday. Our VG said it was a little embarassing to tout reading the Key, only not to have a single issue on the premises.

People from our Justice Ministry Team were surprised to collect nearly six-hundred signatures for a petition to prosecute adult sex video outlets in the KC area. I wasn’t, really. I think many people are aware of and concerned about the influence of such stores in our city and neighborhoods.

Again, once I see the link to the bishop’s letter, I’ll post it. A lot was made of it being the first pastoral letter from a Kansas City bishop in 22 years, or that it was a long (11,000 words) document. Poor choice of words, I think. Better to say it is Finn’s first and mention nothing about its length.

Update: The bishop’s pastoral letter is posted, but not on the anti-pornography pages. Try this link, then click on the “Our Bishop” link on the upper left, and you should be able to find it from there. Good thing: it’s not a pdf file.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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