Peace, Guns, Memories

Christian peacemakers visit Iran, and suggest the Bush administration lacks the tools to conduct an effective diplomacy. I’m not arguing against it.

I’m not sure Bush even has the tools to conduct intelligence. Why was it so relatively easy for John Walker Lindh to penetrate the Taliban as a supposedly honest recruit, but so difficult–so we are told–for intelligence personnel to infiltrate such organizations for the purpose of accurate information gathering? Satellites won’t get you too far if you’re trying to track secret meetings in caves and the like.

If I were a war hawk, I would probably take issue with the Bush administration even more strenuously than I do as a pacifist. From the missed clues on 9-11, Cheney’s single focus on Iraq, American oil interests so deeply entwined with the Saudis, to a badly botched war and the president’s inability to make the case for across the board sacrifice, these last five years have been nothing less than incompetent. Maybe the only thing Americans have going right now is that it’s hard to take this president seriously. What a world: let’s bank on other nations biding their time till Inauguration ’09.

Is it timely to remind folks that we were buddies with Iran till 1979, and even then, we weren’t on the side of democracy and self-determination? Cheney was some sort of special envoy to Saddam, and we were buddies with them, too, till 1989. It’s likely we gave substantial aid in their tussle with Iran, and who knows: maybe hints about those WMD if not outright delivery. And let’s not forget that many American casualties in Afghanistan were due to US-supplied weapons to anti-Soviet insurgents. And we were friends there, too, till the Soviets left in ’89 and our advisors, too, with a fine mess of landmines, druglords, and millions dead or on the refugee circuit.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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