Inter Mirifica 10

Those who make use of the media of communications, especially the young, should take steps to accustom themselves to moderation and self-control in their regard. They should, moreover, endeavor to deepen their understanding of what they see, hear or read. They should discuss these matters with their teachers and experts, and learn to pass sound judgements on them. Parents should remember that they have a most serious duty to guard carefully lest shows, publications and other things of this sort, which may be morally harmful, enter their homes or affect their children under other circumstances.

This week one of our school students asked me about the discovery of Jesus’ tomb. I suppose I’m not well informed about it. But I had to deal with his question about the supposed bones of Jesus’ family. My answer wasn’t well-prepared–it was completely off-the-cuff. But I think that parents, pastors and educators need to be attuned to the messages going out there. We might not use Fox or CNN or even MTV, but we need to know what’s being offerred there so as to make a planned and apporpriate response to those who do have questions raised because of it.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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