Inter Mirifica 9

Passive recipients need not apply:

All who, of their own free choice, make use of these media of communications as readers, viewers or listeners have special obligations. For a proper choice demands that they fully favor those presentations that are outstanding for their moral goodness, their knowledge and their artistic or technical merit. They ought, however, to avoid those that may be a cause or occasion of spiritual harm to themselves, or that can lead others into danger through base example, or that hinder desirable presentations and promote those that are evil. To patronize such presentations, in most instances, would merely reward those who use these media only for profit.

A proper discernment on the part of the recipient or participant seems logical. Prudential judgment is vital for presentations which may present immorality rather than promote it. However, I think we realize that this fine line is not discernable to all adults.

In order that those who make use of these media may fulfill the moral code, they ought not to neglect to inform themselves in time about judgments passed by authorities competent in these matters. They ought also to follow such judgments according to the norms of an upright conscience. So that they may more easily resist improper inducements and rather encourage those that are desirable, let them take care to guide and instruct their consciences with suitable aids.

I can see the value presented here, but in today’s world culture, many media resist what they would see as the evil of censorship. And to a degree, they are rightly suspicious. I’m not sure what the Chinese government/bureaucracy sees as harmful in this web site. All too often, human expression is censored in the name of values, when in reality it is the comfort of the authoritarian class that is threatened.

We’re really in a state today where the Church can provide sincere and authentic guidance, hoping that believers, especially impressionable ones, are encouraged to make right choices, because all the wrong ones are hanging out there for all to sample, savor, and suck in.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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