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Inter Mirifica 16

Since the proper use of the media of social communications which are available to audiences of different cultural backgrounds and ages, calls for instruction proper to their needs, programs which are suitable for the purpose-especially where they are designed for … Continue reading

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Looking at Io

New Horizons casts an eye on Io, catching the north pole volcano Tvashtar kicking it up a notch. Note the other two plumes, one on the equator at left (Prometheus), and another (Masubi) manifesting as that bright patch just past … Continue reading

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Inter Mirifica 15

To provide for the needs just set forth, priests, religious and lay(people) who are equipped with the proper skills for adapting these media to the objectives of the apostolate should be appointed promptly. How many dioceses have such persons in … Continue reading

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Godless George

No, sillies, not Bush II, but Washington. Apparently thousands of president dollar coins went out from the Philly mint without the edge lettering of 2007 P or “E pluribus unum.” Most shocking of all, no “In God We Trust.” And … Continue reading

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Psalm 130

Psalm 130 is the second-most familiar of the penitential psalms to most Catholics. It is one of the common psalms for Lent, and appears fairly frequently in the Lectionary, Fifth Sunday, cycle A, as well as the funeral rites–a total … Continue reading

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Inter Mirifica 14

Some old media are mentioned, starting with print: First, a good press should be fostered. To instill a fully Christian spirit into readers, a truly Catholic press should be set up and encouraged. Such a press-whether immediately fostered and directed … Continue reading

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