Inter Mirifica 14

Some old media are mentioned, starting with print:

First, a good press should be fostered. To instill a fully Christian spirit into readers, a truly Catholic press should be set up and encouraged. Such a press-whether immediately fostered and directed by ecclesiastical authorities or by Catholic (laity)-should be edited with the clear purpose of forming, supporting and advancing public opinion in accord with natural law and Catholic teaching and precepts. It should disseminate and properly explain news concerning the life of the Church. Moreover, the faithful ought to be advised of the necessity both to spread and read the Catholic press to formulate Christian judgments for themselves on all events.

The priority is instructive, first, promoting Catholic teaching, second, church news. Also telling is the desired end result: that believers should form Christian judgments on all events. The purpose of the Catholic press seems to be to assist in the formation of prudential judgments about said events. How many diocesan organs and parish bulletins actually direct their energies in this way?

Cinema gets a mention:

The production and showing of films that have value as decent entertainment, humane culture or art, especially when they are designed for young people, ought to be encouraged and assured by every effective means. This can be done particularly by supporting and joining in projects and enterprises for the production and distribution of decent films, by encouraging worthwhile films through critical approval and awards, by patronizing or jointly sponsoring theaters operated by Catholic and responsible managers.

As does tv and that dinosaur, radio:

Similarly, effective support should be given to good radio and television programs, above all those that are suitable for families. Catholic programs should be promoted, in which listeners and viewers can be brought to share in the life of the Church and learn religious truths. An effort should also be made, where it may be necessary, to set up Catholic stations. In such instances, however, care must be taken that their programs are outstanding for their standards of excellence and achievement.

Being Catholic is no excuse for lacking quality, the bishops say. That’s a good thing to keep in mind. And we also have theatre:

In addition, there should be an effort to see that the noble and ancient art of the drama, which now is diffused everywhere by the media of social communication, serves the cultural and moral betterment of audiences.

A lot of media covered in IM 14. Anybody have anything to add on these or on our favorite, the internet?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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