Doctor of the Church?

johannespaulii.jpgAt a school Mass homily several months ago, my new pastor discussed doctors of the Church. He asked the junior high kids if they happened to know the three doctors who were also called, “the Great.” Do you know them?

Quizzes aside, Rock’s recent post mentioning Pope Benedict’s forthcoming book on JPII got me thinking. As we discuss that “Great” honorific, I have yet to see anyone propose John Paul for “Doctor.” If the urge for “santo subito” must bow to an ordinary (though rapid) process for declared sainthood, how long will it be for another Doctor to be added to the Communion of Saints?

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Doctor of the Church?

  1. The three predecessors to Pope St. John Paul the Great were Pope St. Leo the Great, Pope St. Gregory the Great, and Pope St. Nicholas the Great.

    As regards how long it will be before the mass of people in the Catholic Church acknowledge the former Pope as both a saint and “The Great”, it will probably not be until history acknowledges John Paul’s part in the fall of the Soviet Empire, or until they start reading either his philosophy or his encyclicals.

    As I do know PSJPtG’s part in that history, and I have read both his encyclicals and at least some of his philosophy, I am beating the rush, and naming him so now. I am waiting patiently until the rest of youze guyz catch up.

  2. Oh, and let’s throw in the “Doctor” as well. It should wait, however, until we have a suitable title to go along with it. If I recall correctly, St. Bonaventura was Doctor Seraphicus, and St. Thomas Aquinas was Doctor Angelicus, for example. Any takers as regards a proper name for His late Holiness, Pope St. John Paul the Great?

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