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The Man Born Blind

(This is Neil.) TheĀ Gospel readingĀ for this Sunday is John 9:1-41 (I heard it proclaimed during the Vigil Mass tonight). When meditating on this chapter, my mind usually drifts back at least once to a lecture delivered by Fr Timothy Radcliffe, … Continue reading

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Sacrifice and Meal in the Theology of Benedict XVI

You don’t have to look beyond the pope’s introduction to Caritatis Sacramentum to see the treatment of this balance. Without explicitly labelling it “sacrifice,” we see the pope’s lucid description of the meaning of sacrifice in the Christian context: The … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes 5

It seems the council bishops spent a lot of ink on christology and other issues to set the table for the topic at hand. Don’t worry; we’ll soon get to the meat of missionary activity. First, a review of the … Continue reading

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Plume and Fire Fountain

New Horizons continues to send back remarkable images from the Jupiter neighborhood. Here you can see the eruption of the volcano Tvashtar: that pinpoint of light near the north pole of Io. Note the slash of shadow across the plume … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes 4

In this section, we read of the respective and cooperative roles of the Holy Spirit and the Church: To accomplish this, Christ sent from the Father His Holy Spirit, who was to carry on inwardly His saving work and prompt … Continue reading

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