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What the Future Holds …

… on Catholic Sensibility includes another lengthy project of posting and commentary on the post-conciliar liturgy documents. Now that the end of the Vatican II documents is in sight (only 27 more posts on Ad Gentes) it’s time to look … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes 14

These paragraphs outline Vatican II’s approach to the restored catechumenate. It was briefly mentioned in Sacrosanctum Concilium 64-65, but gets a little more elaboration here: Those who, through the Church, have accepted from God a belief in Christ are admitted … Continue reading

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Musical Bishop on tv

Remember Bishop Hilarion Alfeev, whom we blogged about earlier this Lent? A March 29th performance of his “Passion According to Matthew” will be televised, according to the Zenit News Service. You can check it out on EWTN in the States, … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Sitting with a Passion?

Zenit’s liturgy guru weighs in on the question, but before you peek at the link, what is your take on the Palm Sunday and Good Friday readings? Assume people stand and don’t look crossways at those who choose to sit? … Continue reading

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The Lost Sons

Via Intentional Disciples, I found this post on the blog Thinking In Ohio exploring the elder son in Jesus’ parable through Henri Nouwen’s magnificent book, Return of the Prodigal Son. Having just returned from a three-day visit with my brother … Continue reading

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Relativism Fails at Saturn

Astronomers have a problem when attempting to determine the length of a day on a gaseous planet. Take Jupiter, for example. It’s surface (if it even has one) is hidden by layer upon layer of clouds. The clouds are arranged … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes 13

Chapter II, “article” 2 covers “Preaching the Gospel and Gathering together the People of God.” Let’s read it, starting first with the power of “divine grace” through the preached Word: Wherever God opens a door of speech for proclaiming the … Continue reading

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