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I’ve liked this song a lot since I first heard it. No idea there was a video produced for it. Not sure what it means, but I still like it. View here. Too bad I didn’t really enjoy this band’s … Continue reading

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Canada Dollars

Many years ago in Iowa, my wife purchased this nice coin for me, imaged on the right. Since my boyhood days sifting through pocket change in Upstate New York, I collected Canadian coins alongside US issues. I don’t find anything … Continue reading

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Tridentine Analysis

Jeffrey Tucker asks how the supposedly immanent “liberalization” of the 1570/1962 Missal will affect “Catholic liturgical culture.” You can check the original post here, but you’ll have to look a bit down the cluster of 26/03/07 posts. I’ll comment on … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes 19

Chapter III, titled “Particular Churches,” takes up the next few sections of the decree on the missionary activity of the Church. We start with an optimistic goal for the local Church which might well be recalled when assessing any established … Continue reading

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Pretty Pictures From Saturn

First, this one of the moon Prometheus tugging at the F-Ring: Note the oblong 63-mile-wide moon pointing its long axis toward Saturn. Any misshapen orb that orbits this close to a big planet will find itself aligned in this way. … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes 18

Concluding chapter II, the bishops address religious life in mission lands. Reading it: Right from the planting stage of the Church, the religious life should be carefully fostered. This not only offers precious and absolutely necessary assistance to missionary activity, … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Saints’ Names ’07

Bringing back the ever-popular annual query of saints’ names. You know the drill, right? Your RCIA director hands you the final list of Easter Vigil people. How many of these names do you let pass into the Litany of Saints? … Continue reading

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Charles Taylor on the Human Propensity for Violence

(This is Neil.) I trust that most of you have heard that the Catholic philosopher Charles Taylor has won the Templeton Prize. I hope that many of you have already had a chance to read his brief statement at the … Continue reading

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