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Something From the Cardinal Egan School …

  … of pastoral mismanagement? And talk about tuition hikes, this is like ascending Olympus Mons. But there is a bright side: multilingual computer geeks who know about architecture and Judaism. The academy is the brainchild of Catherine Hickey, the … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Triduum for Parish Clusters

Many parishes around the world share one priest. What’s a liturgist to do for the Triduum? A person from nearby Kansas gains the attention of Zenit’s Liturgy priest, Father Edward McNamara with this query: If a priest is pastor of more … Continue reading

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Two Suns As Good As One?

  Nice image, eh? If you were an alien with ADHD, the odds are you might catch at least one sun setting. Astronomers have long debated the possibility of planets forming in a double star system. Is this important? Our … Continue reading

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Paying Attention or Being Distracted

Scientists have found that different parts of the brain are stimulated by the functions of paying attention and being distracted. Getting distracted is actually an easier task for the brain, the scientists say. That seems logical; I’ve always found it to … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes 21

The council bishops turn their attention to the laity, and in these following paragraphs, write of the hope that across the entire Church, lay people will add the necessary vitality and essence intended by Christ: The church has not been … Continue reading

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Ecclesia Virtualis Video

Watch three bloggers–Rock, Amy, and Grant Gallicho in action, hosted by St Joseph’s university, and moderated by Busted Halo. Among the interesting points are Amy’s retelling of the dawn of Catholic blogging. I used to think I was a latecomer, but I … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes 20

Ad Gentes lays out in a hierarchical way the tasks of a “young church.”  Since the particular church is bound to represent the universal Church as perfectly as possible, let it realize that it has been sent to those also … Continue reading

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