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Ad Gentes 23

With this post we begin chapter IV, “Missionaries.” Although every disciple of Christ, as far in (her or) him lies, has the duty of spreading the Faith, Christ the Lord always calls whomever He will from among the number of … Continue reading

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More Tridentine Reflections

CNS picks up on the buzz today. I suppose that means the traditionalists had it right all along, only the wrong year for implementation. A few observations: 1. I’m sympathetic to blunders made in implementing the 1970 Rite. But I … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Optional Penitential Rite

Sit in the chair and make some rulings on the Penitential Rite, including the Confiteor and Kyrie: (a) mandatory (b) optional (c) not a rubrical choice 1. Ash Wednesday 2. Palm Sunday 3. Mass of the Lord’s Supper 4. Good … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes 22

The council bishops discuss the interplay of theology and what a “young Church” may have to offer the universal Church. The seed which is the word of God, watered by divine dew, sprouts from the good ground and draws from … Continue reading

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