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Global Living Rosary

Our parish just finished hosting¬†this warm-up event. I have promises from three or four people who attended to send me digital images, so wolftracker and the other KC area folks who couldn’t make it can see what happened.

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Pro-Lifer Opinions

Thanks to all for the generally calm and, at times,¬†thorough discussion on the Archbishop Burke thread here. The same cannot be said for the commentariat in other places, including on this thread. One priest offered: This whole incident has been … Continue reading

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Dust Devil Dancing By Spirit

Check out this video of a dust devil on Mars.

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Feathery in Faint Light

Cassini imaged Saturn’s rings as seen above a month ago today. The sun shines on them from below; you can catch some of the reflected glare bouncing back onto the planet. Upper left, note the shadows of the rings on … Continue reading

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Musicam Sacram: Liturgical Roles (13-17)

Musicam Sacram now begins a chapter entitled, “Those With a Role In Liturgical Celebrations.” First we read of one difference between clergy and lay liturgical ministers. The former minister because of their ordination. The latter serve because of the need … Continue reading

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Satellites Study Climate Change

This release from describes the importance of satellites in piecing together more data on climate change. Moreso than photographs, climatologists rely on a radar instrument to cut through clouded atmosphere and the long, dark polar winters. I was not … Continue reading

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Musicam Sacram: More Norms (9-12)

As Musicam Sacram draws to complete its first chapter outline of general norms, we read of matters of repertoire and style. First we see a pragmatic statement which pretty much opens up the repertoire to any suitable genre: 9. In … Continue reading

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