Ad Gentes 31

Bishops working together on issues seems to be an expectation.

Episcopal conferences should take common counsel to deal with weightier questions and urgent problems, without however neglecting local differences. Lest the already insufficient supply of (people) and means be further dissipated, or lest projects be multiplied without necessity, it is recommended that they pool their resources to found projects which will serve the good of all as for instance, seminaries; technical schools and schools of higher learning; pastoral, catechetical, and liturgical centers; as well as the means of social communication.

Such cooperation, when indicated, should also be initiated between several different episcopal conferences.

This is not out of keeping with Church tradition. It also seems to be of advantage where pastoral and other resources are stretched thin. Note that while Rome and the curia have their own important roles to play, as the council bishops describe in other documents, a certain logic exists in having the problems of mission dioceses worked out on an appropriate lower level whenever possible. It seems to be the first choice.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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