Easter Evening Vespers, Ideally

From the viewpoint of parishioners who might not be able to get enough of one’s prayerful or moving Triduum liturgies, I can see the atraction. I confess my own low energy levels for such an effort. But someday, perhaps, a Sunday evening Easter service will make my to-do list.

I know of no colleagues doing this, but perhaps readers out there have some experience with it. Did you attend this year? Did you hear of Easter evening Vespers to conclude the Triduum being offered at a church near you?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to Easter Evening Vespers, Ideally

  1. aplman says:

    For the past 13 years my parish has celebrated Evening Prayer on the Sunday nights of Advent and Lent plus Epiphany, Easter and Pentecost. (Some years we have celebrated EP on all the Sunday nights of the Easter season but this became too taxing on our ministers’ schedules.) Our attendance varies between 45-100 people depending on the season, weather and people’s family visiting commitments. Thus, we have some measure of a “tradition” of EP in our parish which provides an assembly for us Easter night. We have folks who have been coming to EP for 13 years and we always have new folks, too. We celebrate EP in the cathedral tradition outlined in Praise God in Song published by GIA.

    Last night we had close to 50 people for Easter Vespers. For the first time we included a procession to the baptismal font which was well received. At this point I can’t imagine celebrating Triduum without Easter Vespers. While I always hope that our attendance will increase I’m pleased with the number who come.

    Our EP liturgy includes a cantor, lector, thurifer and presider.

  2. Ty says:

    I do not understand what an Easter Vesper is. Could someone please explain that to me? And what does Easter have to do with the resurrection of our Lord Jesus the Christ? I do not understand that one either. Because this day, from all that I comprehend from God’s word, should be called Resurrection Day! Praise God in the Highest! He is Holy!

    Thank you,


  3. Are you crazy?

    I was exhausted after the 10:30 Mass! After sitting down awhile, I went and had a nice lunch with some parishioners, then went home and vegged, still vegging!

    I can’t imagine doing that to any of my hardworking musical folks, who worked hard, too.

  4. aplman says:

    Not sure, Fr Martin, if you think Todd is crazy for posing the question or if I’m crazy for celebrating Easter Vespers – or perhaps you think both of us are nuts! :-) I was exhausted after our 11:30 Mass, went home and vegged, joined some friends for brunch, vegged a bit more and then went to celebrate Vespers. Believe me: once you’ve experienced it, you’ll know that the Triduum is not complete without it.

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