Ad Gentes 37

Ad Gentes treats the topic of Christian communities applying themselves to the missionary effort:

But since the People of God lives in communities, especially in dioceses and parishes, and becomes somehow visible in them, it is also up to these to witness Christ before the nations.

What does your parish or your diocese do to keep the letter or the spirit of this guidance? The council bishops suggest such concern for matters outside one’s local sphere is connected with the experience of renewal:

The grace of renewal cannot grow in communities unless each of these extends the range of its charity to the ends of the earth, and devotes the same care to those afar off as it does to those who are its own members.

What is that saying about the missions? “Some go by giving, some give by going.”

Thus the whole community prays, works together, and exercises its activity among the nations through those of its (daughters and) sons whom God has chosen for this most excellent task.

Do any readers know if their parish has sent missionaries, even those who work in a temporary ministry with the JVC or some similar organization? If so, are such mission concerns regularly communicated to the parish? How would this be handled by the diocese on the city or regional level?

It will be very useful, provided the universal scope of mission work is not thereby neglected, to keep in contact with missionaries who are from one’s own community, or with some parish or diocese in the missions, so that the communion between the communities may be made visible, and serve for their mutual edification.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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