Drop In, Scroll Down, Comment Often, As You Wish

I’m grateful for Neil’s insightful and frequent posts on Triduum. If any readers put themselves on surfing hiatus last week, please scroll down to them, they are well worth your while.

Over the next few days, we’ll wrap up the last of the Vatican II documents, completing an effort that began nearly two years ago on Catholic Sensibillity. Occasionally I’ve referred non-St Bloggers and others to this series, but often I get rather blank reactions. Non-Catholics scratch their heads at it. The Vatican II posts usually net no comments in the boxes, so it seems the Catholics in the CS commentariat aren’t quite sure what to make of it or say about it either. And that’s cool, really.

Lent, especially Holy Week, has given me impetus to do some soul-searching, including any future direction for this blog. I’m convinced about a few things:

– Writing here seems a better use of my time than writing on other people’s blogs, so unless the Spirit really hits, I’m not feeling inclined to spread comments elsewhere now that Lent is complete for 2007. At least for the moment.

– I really value Neil’s input, as well as those of you who do comment here. I’m staying open to the idea of adding other bloggers on a regular basis. Just contact me if you believe you have something to say.

– I’ll be starting up a complete examination of the Vatican’s post-concilliar liturgy documents from 1964 to date. That probably means a bump in combox traffic if we hit those tender topics. I can live with that. Feel free to comment liberally (or otherwise) when we start looking at 1964 next week.

– I would like to post more on matters of Catholic spirituality, but I have to admit my own prayer life has been either dry or in upheaval the past several months. Posting on the spiritual life presumes I have something helpful to say. When any potential guide is unsure of the path before him or her, my sense is that it’s time to shut up. Read Neil’s posts instead.

– If any reader has a topic she or he would like me to comment on, I’ll consider all suggestions. Just contact me. Meanwhile, Happy and Blessed Easter to you as you consider this gladdening sunrise:


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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