Vatican II Done! What’s Next?

With the last post on Ad Gentes, we’ve completed a full commentary on the Vatican II documents: 615 posts by the wordpress count. Where other web sites and individuals may give more lip service to the notion, if you’ve been reading along and adding your commentary, you’ve done what few Catholics have actually done: actually read Vatican II. Hats off to you!

For reference, you can click on the Latin titles on the sidebar to review our past discussions. Anytime anyone wants to reopen the comment boxes, feel free. All of the discussions prior to my switch to wordpress are still on the old blogspot site, but not as conveniently organized.

Next up will be an equally daunting task. We’ll look at the significant post-conciliar liturgical documents coming from Rome. We might include USCCB items, eventually too, but for the moment, I think we’ll concentrate on the universal documents.

Starting later this week, maybe as early as tonight, I’ll look at Pope Paul’s 1964 motu proprio Sacram Liturgiam to be followed by the first instruction on implementing Vatican II’s liturgy constitution, Inter Oecumenici.

From there, we’ll look at the 1967 instruction on music in the liturgy, Musicam Sacram. Also in the queue: the second instruction Tres Abhinc Annos and the instruction on the worship of the Eucharistic mystery, Eucharisticum Mysterium 

If you readers are seeing anything important missing in the line-up, let me know. I’m finding the search for these documents a bit difficult on the Vatican web page. Anybody else have that problem? It’s easy enough to get them from EWTN and Notre Dame, but I’d prefer the actual Vatican links, if anyone would be so kind as to provide them.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Vatican II Done! What’s Next?

  1. Liam says:

    I think missing Paul VI’s encyclical, Mysterium Fidei, issued during the last session of the Council, is a glaring omission. It’s an important reflection and instruction on the Eucharistic nature of the liturgy and the Church. Lots of hermeneutical keys there without which much that follows may be less intelligble.

  2. Todd says:

    Good point, Liam. I’ll add it to the line-up, batting third.

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