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New Mass Translations

The blog Valle Adurni has some of the latest draft of the Vox Clara/ICEL work on the Ordo Missae, the mainstream parts of the Mass. I see changes over the last leaked draft from Australia–was it two or three years … Continue reading

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Rock On US Bishops

I guess you could take that two ways. I didn’t quite mean this: My first intent was to suggest you saunter over to Whispers and get the lowdown on US Bishops. If you want to get into ecclesiastical air guitar … Continue reading

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Dirty Catholic’s Parish Staff Ten Commandments, just so you know we’re not completely lawless. Would’ve saved myself a lot of heartache in my single days had I been more faithful to VI. I worked for a pastor once who loved … Continue reading

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Rhea With Saturn

Another pretty film-noir image from space. Our moon is relatively large compared to the planet it orbits.  A number of outer solar system moons are of significant size. Compared to these huge planets, they seem rather puny. Take Rhea, Saturn’s … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: First Communions

We may have discussed this point before, but ’tis the season, as they say. My parish has long held two Masses for First Communions: separate ones for the school children (about seventy this year) and the school of religion (about … Continue reading

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Sacram Liturgiam, Part 1

The first post-conciliar liturgy document was a motu proprio from Pope Paul VI. Dated 25 January 1964, it was a relatively short piece, outlining eleven norms to take effect in just a few weeks, at the beginning of Lent 1964. … Continue reading

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“Peace Be With You”: The Resurrection and the Poor

But why might resurrection be such a problem? Apart from the total confusion of present and long-term future which resurrection involved for the Jew, and the untidy blurring of boundaries between worlds for the Greek, there is another factor. When … Continue reading

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