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The Lost Science Found

At my parish, I’m the liturgy consultant for weddings. Good news, that I don’t get to play many of them, except for those of friends. Good news also that I get to meet many fascinating people and talk about one … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Fraction Rite Fractioning

It’s a minor point, really. Since the changes in the Fraction Rite (breaking of the bread, plus the Agnus Dei) I’ve seen priests continue to hold back from breaking some or even all the consecrated bread. Most guys seem to … Continue reading

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Inter Oecumenici Introduction (1-8)

Inter Oecumenici was an instruction from the Consilium, published on 26 September 1964, about eight months after the motu proprio Sacram Liturgiam and just a few weeks before the third session of Vatican II was to commence. This document will … Continue reading

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Singing the New Gloria and a Bit More

Peter asks me my opinion about the “singability” of the new Mass texts. I would need to look at them all more carefully. Permit me to toss out a few general statements. First, nearly any text can be adapted for … Continue reading

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Sacram Liturgiam: Norms for Immediate Implementation

Here’s the other half of the motu proprio. Twenty-two days after Sacram Liturgiam, these eleven norms were due to go into effect. Therefore, with our apostolic authority and on our own initiative, we order and decree that from the coming … Continue reading

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The Sign of Jonah

(This is Neil.) In his current “Life in Christ” column, the Orthodox priest and exegete John Breck looks at the Book of Jonah (I posted on Jonah a couple of weeks ago here). You will probably already be familiar with … Continue reading

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