Inter Oecumenici on Applying Liturgical Norms (9-10)

Chapter I of Inter Oecumenici treats “General Norms,” with the first two sections titled, “How the Norms Apply.”

9. The practical norms, in the Constitution and in this Instruction, as well as practices this Instruction allows or mandates even before revision of the liturgical books, even if they are part of the Roman Rite, may be applied in other Latin rites, due regard being given to the provisions of law.

As we’ve read before, awaiting reform of the liturgical books is not part of the plan.

10. Matters that this Instruction commits to the power of the competent, territorial ecclesiastical authority can and should be put into effect only by such authority through lawful decrees.

In every case the time and circumstances in which such decrees begin to take effect are to be stipulated, with a reasonable preceding interval (vacatio) provided for instruction and preparation of the faithful regarding their observance.

Bishops’ conferences will find material left to their leadership, with the stipulation that sufficient time will be alloted for education and implementation.

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