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Inter Oecumenici on Other Sacraments (61-69)

Nine sections for the “gulp” of this post, but they cover most of the other sacraments. We’ll save the Rite of Marriage for the next post. CHAPTER III THE OTHER SACRAMENTS AND THE SACRAMENTALS I. PART ALLOWED THE VERNACULAR (SC … Continue reading

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Archbishop Foley on Inter Mirifica

Before we got into the series on Inter Mirifica (see sidebar for the complete set of posts) I noted Zenit’s publication of this talk by Archbishop John Foley on use of the media. Foley was speaking to new bishops last … Continue reading

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Lyrids Might Surprise

It’s not often one of the major meteor showers of the year. But as the Earth passes through debris in the orbit of Comet Thatcher, and if you’re getting up early anyway, you might want to check out the moonless … Continue reading

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Inter Oecumenici on the Vernacular at Mass (57-60)

If any post on Inter Oecumenici can generate some combox traffic, this should be it. Let’s see what the Church had to say about the vernacular in 1964: V. PART ALLOWED THE VERNACULAR IN MASS (SC 54) 57. For Masses, … Continue reading

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Out of Thin Air

I found a gem on the new book shelf at the library yesterday, Out of Thin Air, by Peter Ward, reviewed here. I’ve gotten about a hundred pages in as of this morning, and the premise is that adaptation to … Continue reading

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