Ever since we switched to WordPress, I’ve been fascinated by the referrals they tell us about. I noticed today that we’ve gotten a few dozen visitors from New Advent and their page spolighting blogs. For some reason, instead of Neil’s insightful posts, or our groundbreaking and unique series on Vatican II, they chose my post on the Lyrid meteor shower. Except for my sense of wonder at things astronomical, there wasn’t anything Catholic in it, really.

I was saddened they picked the spiteful and sadly anonymous (if not cowardly) blogger diogenes for his attack on a bishop for having a Mass in a college dormitory. Probably even less Catholic than comet debris, this. Natch, the joke will be on the hyperventilating conservatives if a vocation or two is inspired from a bishop coming to visit college students on their own turf.

Let me just say that maintaining anonymity is a rather convenient pose for a blogger. Though I occasionally catch heat for it, I’ve always believed that an honorable individual is upfront and honest about her or his printed (or cyber) words. If you can’t be bothered to sign your own name to it, why bother?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Referrals

  1. Gavin says:

    I hardly think diogenes is worthy of any condemnation.

    The first question I have when presented with this picture is is this a Mass? The fact that we can ask that question is a sign of the liturgical desert we live in today, but still if the bishop is merely taking the Word to the local college and maybe sharing a meal and conversation with some students, great. If he is showing that gathering as the pinacle, “source and summit” of Catholic worship, not so good.

    You seem to operate under the assumption that the bishop is in fact having a Mass here. Let’s grant that, and that there isn’t anything illicit about what we see. Still I’d say Rich Leonardi has a right to be outraged. The cathedral, and the bishop, have a DUTY to set a liturgical example to the parishes under them. Even if this weren’t in church teaching (Sacramentum Caritatis apparently says this), it logically follows that the bishop has this obligation. What would you think to see your bishop saying a Mass in a college dorm on a coffee table? Whatever your initial reaction, you would likely say “well, if that’s how the bishop is doing it, I’d better follow suit”. That’s the problem with what the bishop in this picture is doing. IF he is saying Mass, he is encouraging poor liturgical practice from the priests obedient to him. I hope you and I could agree that half-aware college students in a line don’t constitute good or “Vatican II” liturgy.

    So Mr. Leonardi does indeed have something to gripe about, if the man responsible for keeping his priest in check doesn’t care about the quality of liturgy celebrated in his diocese. As far as diogenes, he seems to be only drawing attention to the issue of the bishop as exemplary liturgist. True, there is too much gloating over the (apparent) abuses in the picture, and particularly from people outside Rochester, but surely I wouldn’t consider a Mass as pictured as being AT ALL defensible!

  2. Tony says:

    I was saddened they picked the spiteful and sadly anonymous (if not cowardly) blogger diogenes for his attack on a bishop for having a Mass in a college dormitory.

    This seems to be popular for comment, Todd. Why not spin it off as it’s own blog post and discuss it (or I can, your choice).

    I have to start off by saying that living in close proximity to Rochester diocese (diocese of Syracuse) I have rarely seen a more dysfunctional* diocese than that, and I believe it can be laid firmly at the feet of the bishop.

    * Of course, I’m defining “dysfunctional” by what I perceive the primary mission of the Church is.

  3. Brigid says:

    Perhaps we now know *why* this blogger (fine and upstanding and upfront Catholic blogger that he is) lost his job at CWN:

    Dom is not anonymous and, IMHO, it cost him his job. Also, he truly competed with this anonymous diogenes… Who, BTW, many know his identity. Not really a big deal. Just snoop around CWN, read some things and you’ll figure it out.

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