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Dealing With the Religion of Sport

Amy and her commentariat wonder why “Catholic identity” has been set aside in St Louis so a Catholic university can build its $80M arena with public assistance. I wonder where they’ve been. Since when has Catholic identity guided the extremes … Continue reading

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Inter Oecumenici on the Divine Office (78-89)

As we head to the finish of Inter Oecumenici, we get Chapter IV’s twelve sections on the Divine Office. First the Consilium reaffirms the ideal of celebrating the Hours for various religious groups who are “bound to choir”: I. CELEBRATION … Continue reading

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Tattling is Telling … and it’s Telling

I’m not too surprised that my post linking diogenes surfaced the most comments so far this morning. Pretty soon it will surpass the fading traffic for meteor showers and be number one today. What’s interesting is this telling temperature reading … Continue reading

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