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Making Closer Connections With Scripture

My post on tattling generated a WordPress record of CS traffic for a day. Thanks, guys, for disagreeing. You’re always welcome to post in the boxes here. My Benedictine friend Fr Stephanos associates himself with Jesus driving out moneychangers in … Continue reading

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Uranian Rings a Georgian Era Find?

This kind of history fascinates me. Was William Herschel, official discoverer of the planet Uranus, also the first to glimpse its rings? The conventional time table is that the rings were confirmed in 1977 when starlight passed between them and … Continue reading

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123 Trillion Miles Away

Another “Earth” here? I think astronomers might be jumping the gun a little bit. I heard a bit of the discussion on Morning Edition today, but when I got to my favorite space sites to check things out, I was … Continue reading

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Inter Oecumenici on Liturgical Design (90-99)

Let’s wrap up the final ten sections of Inter Oecumenici and read how the Consilium addressed liturgical design with an eye to promoting “active participation of the faithful.” Chapter V begins: I. DESIGN OF CHURCHES 90. In building new churches … Continue reading

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